The price of Lace Beauty products is the one shown on the website in each product page, except where an obvious mistake occurred.

However, should we detect any error in the price of the ordered merchandise, We will immediately inform the Customer of said mistake, offering the option of either confirm the Order with the correct amount or cancel the concerned Order. In the event of failure to contact the Customer, the Order will be cancelled with a complete refund of the paid amount. In no case Lace Beauty is obligated to supply the product/s  sold at a lower and erroneously published price, even if the Customer has already received the order confirmation.

All prices shown are in Euro (EUR) and inclusive of taxes and duties according to current Italian legislation. All prices quoted exclude delivery fees, for which please refer to the dedicated Shipping and Returns page.

Prices may vary at any time and without prior notice, depending on Lace Beauty commercial policy. Price variations do not apply to orders for which an Order Confirmation has already been sent by Lace Beauty.

Payment Methods

By placing the order, the Custumer agrees to pay the price of the products purchased, including taxes and associated charges in accordance with the conditions provided on the site and available for the existing products.

We accept the following payment methods:

1) Payment by Bank Transfer
In this case the order shall be considered complete on the date on which money transferred is actually paid into the Supplier’s bank account. The credit of the transfer is usually made after 2/3 working days, so please consider the extra banking timing in addition to the regular delivery time.

The unique reference number and details of the bank account will be visible on the Order Summary at the time of payment.

The Bank Transfer must be fulfilled within 3 working days upon receiving the invoice of the order confirmation. Exceeded said deadline, the order will be automatically cancelled.  The merchandise will be dispatched only after the total amount is credited to the given bank account.

The purpose of transfer must indicate the order number.

2) Credit Card through Stripe API Reference secure circuit
In order to ensure total safety during online payments, Lace Beauty adopt the highest security standards during data transfer and access to information.

Credit card data are not visible to anyone, including the Supplier. If the Customer chooses to pay via Stripe operating system, at the time of payment the system will handle the payment on a secure server with SSL certificate.

We currently accept: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

3) PayPal
If the Customer chooses to pay via PayPal, the browser will be redirected to a secure payment page with SSL certificate: the Customer can then log in to PayPal with username and password and proceed with payment.

No card details are transferred to or held by Lace Beauty.

4) Cash on delivery
Because of the COVID-19 emergency, cash on delivery is suspended until further notice.