Tale of a dream

I started entertaining the idea of my own brand in 2015, after dealing with a client’s skin that had been so badly treated that putting makeup on it was extremely difficult at the time. It was certainly not the first time this had happened, but that day I wished I had something magical in my kit that could ease the suffering of that skin and make it easier to apply makeup on it at the same time.

So, on my way home, I started to make a list of cosmetics I wanted in my kit and the properties they should have in order to be really useful to me without causing further damage to my customers’ skin.

I wasn’t aware of it yet at the time, but I was starting what is now finally a reality: Lace Beauty, my skincare line.

recensione lizzie

It all starts with cleansing⁣

Lace Beauty is a brand that focuses mainly on cleansing. Why?

Because cleansing is the first step in the skincare routine, the one that opens the door to all following treatments and, if done incorrectly, can actually compromise them. Cleansing, if performed poorly or with unsuitable products, can in fact break fragile balances.

Every day a woman wakes up and believes that with a vigorous scrub, a covering foundation, a sheet mask or an expensive moisturizer, she will be able to solve “the problems” he has with her skin.

Instead, in my own little corner, I would like to change the world of cosmetics and the way cleansing products are perceived: those who use them see them as a mere cleaning tool, those who produce them do not always know how to give them the right value.

Cleansing lines are often underestimated, but I am convinced that they make a difference, much more than an anti-aging moisturizer. Even the best cream in the world will be less effective if the skin isn’t properly cleansed.

I wish that every woman looking in the mirror in the morning, would decide to show off something unique: her own skin!

recensione lizzie

Why Lace Beauty? What does it mean?⁣

Lace recalls delicate crochet and lacework.

Beauty is an archetype.

Together they represent not only my ideal of skin and my vision of skincare, but encapsulate a deeper meaning that touches the strings of my heart, my being Laura, my sensitivity to beauty and my passions.

Initially I had chosen a different name, one that referred to the concept of balance, another symbol, other colors. Everything was reshaped one afternoon with a friend, a smoothie and a beautiful, terrifying blank sheet of paper in front of me.

I took the old, I mixed it with my passions, added a pinch of fantasy and… voilà! The perfect name came out of nowhere, and from there the claim, the why, the vision and the mission all went downhill.

Later on, a meeting with a cutting-edge consultant also made me reconsider my colour choice.

Fil rouge or violette?

‘Fil Rouge’ is defined as that thin red line that connects things, unites them, binds them, makes them all remember together and one after the other, like a scene from a movie, like an intangible memory.

Purple is the colour of Lace Beauty and is our fil rouge or… violette.
This particular hue, which is close to heliotrope, was the result of a consultation that pushed me to overcome my limits and fear.

At first I had chosen a dull, feeble green, which in retrospect today seems almost absurd and couldn’t be further from me. I don’t know how it came to me, and I will never be grateful enough to that consultant for pushing me to dare!
But a brand is not just a name, a packaging, a formula, a color.

Each brand has its own identity and we try to carry it forward as if it were a person, with its emotions, its choices, its integrity. A person who with his 5 senses – plus one – relates to others with sounds, colors, textures, smells, music. Not just products.

And that’s why I also chose to create an olfactory logo to represent my brand, with the collaboration of a great Italian ‘nose’, who created for me a fragrance based on crystallized violet, which we nebulise on all the packages of our ecommerce.
We couldn’t leave out the taste: with a violet flavoured candy we add a little treat to every order, so that every sense leads back to the global experience of our brand, along with the textures of the cosmetics and that sound we now call ASMR that is produced by unpacking the tissue that wraps our products.

And to involve each customer in our ritual, a small favor: an origami, from Japanese traditions, which encloses a capsule of our Lizzie cleanser, with explanations on how best to use it. It can be kept in your purse for emergencies, is handy for a weekend trip, it’s beautiful to give to that friend who doesn’t know what to use for her skin.

crema detergente

A call from the past: Lace

Lace Beauty products are named after female characters from 19th century books.

Do you know why?

It all started with the choice of the name, one afternoon at home with a friend who helped me to infuse my essence, my inner world, my passions, my being, in what today is Lace Beauty.

There we were, talking mostly about passions, memories, trying to turn them into words, into objects… and out came my great love for vintage, for antique objects and furniture, for nineteenth-century novels and biographies, historical novels and stories with female leads

How to turn all this into words and link it to the skincare concept I wanted to address with my products? I needed an object that could enclose all this, and out came the lace, the emblem of ancient things but also representation of that intricate fabric that is our skin.

Hence the concept of gentle cleansing, ritual, the depiction of the skin as a delicate lace that must be treated gently and with care. Everything else was a waterfall, as if I had finally picked up the pace and each step went on its own.

And so, every time I have to choose a name for a new Lace Beauty product, I follow the same steps. I think about the ingredients, where they come from, like Ilmatar and Finnish peat, or I refer to the essence of the character, like my Lizzie, to some famous quotes, small details that stay in the memory of those who read those books.

So that each cosmetic is not simply a cleanser or a mask, but has a definite identity, that it can enter people’s hearts and become a ‘friend to the skin’.