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The Brand

Lace Beauty is an inclusive brand that caters to those looking to cleanse their skin with a gentle product.

Most people don’t know how to recognize their own skin type, and therefore where to start when it comes to finding the right products to take care of it.

At a time of beauty stores overflowing with all sorts of products, mixed signals and unreachable beauty standards, meeting everyone’s skin needs it’s getting harder and harder as people struggle to navigate this ocean of news, trends and information.

As a brand Lace Beauty aims to teach how to listen to and understand one’s skin needs, so that everyone will be able to choose what’s best for them without being affected by trends.

Lace Beauty Logo

Operating in the professional field, Laura Portomeo, founder of the brand, made it a priority to develop a cosmetic range with very specific qualities in terms of formulation, to make sure our products are effective and could be used especially by those who struggle with skin conditions that can occur from the teenage years to adulthood.

Oncological patients, people affected by dermatological conditions, that have undergone cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries, those suffering from skin disorders or diseases that can affect the skin, they will all find safe haven in Lace Beauty’s effective, honest products as they can be used in all confidence without fear of aggravating their condition even further.

Our company’s resolve is to create products that can answer the needs of modern-day skin, which is constantly exposed to physical and environmental stress factors.

Overall products that are modern, honest, effective, practical and easy to use.

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