Lace Beauty Club
Lace Beauty Club

Would you like to receive advice on your skincare routine?

Participate in exclusive masterclasses to learn how to take care of your skin?

Get benefits, gadgets and exclusive offers for your purchases?

Join the Lace Beauty Club:

The community to learn how to take care of your skin! 

You can receive advice directly from the founder of Lace Beauty, take part in exclusive masterclasses and receive useful materials for your skincare routine. Plus dedicated promotions and rich cotillions for you! 

What are you waiting for? Join our group!

Lace Beauty Club

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Lace Beauty Club


From time to time, based on our needs and on your characteristics, we choose people who are willing to be testers for the Lace Beauty products being released.

If you want to become a #lacebeautytester too, just fill in this form.