Attivita Sociali

Social Activities

Our company works with various social institutions that provide support to oncological and postoperative patients, providing training and the necessary products needed for the rehabilitation and care of the skin after chemo and radiotherapy treatments and reconstructive surgeries that are often debilitating.

Yet another ongoing project involves Sartoria San Vittore, which oversees the rehabilitation and labour re-integration of female inmates of Milan detention facilities and we have collaborated with Agan APS to support the creation of a center dedicated to boys and girls with autism.

At last we endorse cultural events set to promote inclusivity, which is the core of our brand’s philosophy, and we are committed to support the work of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society with charitable donations and free training courses.

Attivita Sociali


Supporting women in need
During Breast Cancer Awareness Month Lizzie will be available in a special version: wrapped in a furoshiki made of 100% Italian fine silk.

Thus Emily was born, a gorgeous scarf 90×90 cm size made of 100% Italian pure silk selected by the most important historical weaving mills of the textile district of Como.

The silk is then handled with love and passion in the workshops of the Cooperative Alice in Milan, a non-profit cooperative seeking to build an inclusive society that empowers individuals and supports sustainable development through craftsmanship and ethics.

The Cooperative is active in the detention facilities of San Vittore, Bollate, Monza, in which oversees the labour re-integration of female inmates through the external laboratory Sartoria San Vittore, which also welcomes those who emerge from situations of violence and difficulty.

The project carried out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month goes hand in hand with the collaboration between Laura Portomeo, founder of the brand, and the Association FraParentesi.

palline agan con lizzie


This Christmas Lace Beauty has once again come up with a special initiative to support an association.

Agan Aps, acronym for Associazione Genitori Autistici Napoli (Autistic Parents Association Naples), is the promoter of the ‘Una cascina per la vita‘ (A farmstead for life) project, which aims to create a structure to support those affected by autism and their families.

It is a Neapolitan association created by parents with adult autistic children who want to address the issue of “DOPO DI NOI” in the context of autistic disability.
Laura Portomeo, founder of Lace Beauty, is very passionate about this project, which she has already supported privately over the years.

That’s why she decided to tie it in with Lace Beauty, with an initiative to raise awareness and funds for the Agan Association.

palline agan con lizzie


For Breast Cancer Prevention Awareness Month 2021, the scarves turn into elegant headgear, skillfully designed by the creators of Sine Modus.

The result are the Emily headbands, sumptuous headdresses made of fine 100% Italian silk.

Chiara Mandetta and Elena Boat are two young entrepreneurs, owners of the brand Sine Modus. A shared passion for vintage and fashion led them in 2017 to open their own space in Milan, in the heart of the Brera district, where you can find bespoke and sometimes unique headbands and turbans, handcrafted from vintage fabrics or precious offcuts that they buy from companies that collaborate with small businesses, carrying out a process of recycling and ethical production.

Many of their customers are cancer patients, women who want to feel good, comfortable, wearing an accessory that is not only useful but beautiful. Headwear for real women, bravely moving forward into the world.

A perfect combination to continue the story of Lace Beauty about cleansing, the heart of the brand, maintaining a strong relationship with the theme of oncology and environmental sustainability, supporting women and two young entrepreneurs, winking as always at those magnificent rituals in which the very essence of the brand’s mission lies: teaching women how to take care of their skin.

Emily Fascia Seta Sc


Lace Beauty was among the sponsors of the 38th National A.N.D.O.S. (National Association of Breast Operated Women) held in Milan on October 15, 2021.

palline agan con lizzie