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We ‘re fully committed to formulating our products in full respect of the environment and we tried to put the same attention in every other activity of the brand.

We really care for environmental sustainability, and for this reason we do not use products that are classified as persistent organic pollutants. We select raw materials that are as biodegradable as possible and we try to minimize our impact on the environment. Our products are microplastic free.

For our packaging we choose cutting-edge and practical options, mainly airless containers, high quality droppers and dispensers, single-dose and single-material, to reduce waste and contamination, allowing the user to use only the amount of product they really need, thus ensuring a more conscious use of the product itself and maintaining the effectiveness of the formulation.

We preferred travel-friendly sizes: designed for the modern-day consumer, they can withstand temperature changes and are easy to pack and travel with.

Formulazioni Lace Beauty

The shapes are solid and essential, the style is neat, elegant and refined.

  • Our packaging is fully recyclable and each product has been developed with the idea of encouraging its repurpose in everyday life as needed.
  • The secondary packaging is produced from recycled paper, just like our shipping boxes, in turn 100% recyclable and made of certified paper from responsibly managed forests, free of acids and heavy metals.
  • The duct tape and adhesives we seal our packaging with are made from organic glue, while the plastic envelopes we use for shipping are fully biodegradable.
  • The chips used to fill the boxes are made of corn and dissolve in water without polluting the environment.

All the printed marketing material is printed on either recycled, compostable or plantable seed paper. In particular, brochures, postcards, origami and business cards are made from a special FSC-certified paper derived from grape processing waste.

Produzione Crema Detergente Lizzie
packaging lizzie
Packaging Riciclabili

We adopted lightweight packaging to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

We encourage separate waste collection by indicating on our website, in the shipping boxes and on the packaging how to recycle each part or use it in an alternative way.

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