spugne naturali per il viso


Natural Sea Sponge – Bleached Fine Silk variety.

Variety: Fine Silk, bleached. Facial cleansing tool that helps remove product gently yet effectively.

Source: Our sponges are hand-harvested in the Mediterranean Sea, in accordance with regulations to ensure the preservation of the species.

Directions:  Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, for oncological and dermatology patients

Feeling:  Thanks to its close-knit fine pores, this sponge provides deep cleansing and a soft massage, soothing the skin, promoting microcirculation and gently removing dead skin cells.


Sea Sponges have been known since the IV century B.C. to be a valuable tool to take care of the skin.  Their soothing massage is ideal to gently stimulate blood circulation and for non-invasive removal of dead skin cells. Their particular honeycomb structure allows to collect and evenly distribute the product all over the skin. Thanks to specific marine enzymes and an elaborate system of grooves that naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds, sponges are by nature hypoallergenic  and have anti-septic properties.

They naturally contain iodine and sea salts that are known  for their cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Colori della spugna di mare
Colori della spugna di mare


Because Sea Sponges are a natural, hand-harvested product, they come in different shapes and sizes that may vary by as much as 1 cm between each other.

The effectiveness of the product is not affected by its shape.

Also any red streaks (due to the iron naturally occurring in the sponge base) or grit residues  are to be expected in a natural organism and perfectly harmless, as they may be a consequence of the gentle washing the sponge undergoes once it’s harvested, and do not undermine its quality.

spugna di mare


Being hypoallergenic, natural sponges are especially suited for those suffering from skin conditions and sensitivity.

It’s also particularly recommended for those who are looking for a natural product that is sustainable, high-quality and long-lasting.

The Fine Silk variety, in the bleached version, undergoes a further oxygen-bleach process that leaves it softer and more gentle on the skin, and therefore makes it more suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive, for oncological and dermatology patients.

spugna di mare
lavaggio spugna di mare


If properly maintained, natural sponges can last up to a year.

Aggressive detergents and excessively hot water may affect the duration of the sponge, particularly as regards the smaller ones.

To keep your sponge in perfect conditions we recommend rinsing it thoroughly with a drop of mild detergent after each use, or soaking it for 20 minutes in a solution of warm water and baking soda about once a month; then allow to dry completely and naturally.

Do not boil your sponge or machine wash it. Do not dry it with a hairdryer or leave it to dry on the radiator.
The sponge is meant for personal use only; do not share it with other people, including family members.

Should you wish to sterilize it after a specific use, the sponge can be soaked for about an hour in a solution of water and a tablespoon of antibacterial disinfectant; then thoroughly rinse and leave to air dry.

pack esterno spugna di mare


Jo comes in a pack that was designed with particular care.

On the box itself, made from FSC-certified recycled paper, you’ll find all relevant information to allow for proper use and storage of your new sponge.

The Natural Sea Sponge comes wrapped in PLA, a biodegradable plastic. We chose it to keep the product perfectly hygienic until first use while being always environmentally  conscious.

This means the wrappings are biodegradable and completely compostable in accordance with standard UNI EN 13432, and can be disposed of with organic waste to minimize the impact on our environment.

spugne di mare jo
modalita uso spugna viso


Rinse and soak with lukewarm water until the sponge becomes soft.

Gently massage it to remove any residue of detergent, cleanser or face mask.

Jo helps remove product from the skin while at the same time reactivating microcirculation with a light massage.

Wash after each use with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water to get rid of any residue that may affect its duration, and allow to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place.

modalita uso spugna viso
dimensione spugna di mare

Which size is more suitable for me?

Jo is available in two sizes:

  • Small: 1-2 gr size (about 4-5 cm), already included with Lizzie – Cleansing balm, also available for purchase separately. Ideal to remove makeup as it perfectly fits the delicate eye contour, dries quickly and can therefore be used morning and evening.
  • Medium: 3- gr size (about 7-8 cm) can only be purchased separately; it’s ideal to remove face masks (either creamy, clay or peat) or for those who’d rather use a different sponge for face and eyes.