Laura Turbante

Laura Portomeo

CEO and founder of Lace Beauty, she’s been part of the beauty industry since 2007.

Starting as a blogger and copywriter, she studied to become a makeup artist and then continued to deepen her knowledge about skincare through many specialization courses.

At present she provides consulting services to companies and privates, supplying support and knowledge for the development of their cosmetic lines.
“During my studies and research, and while working as makeup artist and beauty reporter, I’ve encountered many faces and just as many skin types, everyone with its own concerns and hopes. In my own small way I’ve always attempted to give them tangible and above all lasting support.
Makeup is of course useful as it’s a great tool to boost confidence and appearance, but the skin needs to be ready for it.

That’s where I began my education in cosmetology with a focus on face and the mechanisms of the skin, and a simultaneous search for the best products to answer my clients’ needs. Till the moment I started dreaming about creating the product I was looking for myself. Today that dream becomes true with Lace Beauty.”

Laura Turbante

Laura is the heart and brain of the brand, she puts all of herself into the development of Lace Beauty and is always there for her collaborators; not least her husband, who is also her partner in this adventure and takes care of web development and logistics.

One day she’s juggling social media, newsletters and website, the other you’ll find her on the phone for hours amidst suppliers and team meetings, the next she’s folding origami and preparing handwritten cards for every shop order. She is there for everything. Nothing is left to chance, everything is carefully planned and managed by her down to the smallest detail.

“I’m personally involved in the definition of each formula, researching the most innovative and high-performance cosmetics actives; every month I test dozens of textures to choose the most effective and sensorial ones; I try packaging and products in search of the most unique and cutting-edge ones. Then I call the lab and we dive into hours of crazy, passionate meetings. I love this part of my job.”
Always present on social media, she puts herself out there every day to tell people about her vision of cosmetics, discuss the products and share advice on how to apply them.

Constantly at the forefront replying to messages, you’ll often find her working with the Customer Service via email and whatsapp.

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Laura Portomeo Make Up Artist Video
Laura Portomeo Make Up Artist Video