Would you ever put an exquisite piece of lace fabric in the washing machine?
Would you scrub it with a coarse sponge?
Would you treat it with harsh chemicals?

Of course not. Because you know it’s precious, fragile and you want to preserve its beauty.
The same reasoning should be applied to the way you take care of your skin!

The combination of delicacy and effectiveness is the strong core of Lace Beauty products: we take the best of what Mother Nature has to offer and mix it with first-rate lab components that are the results of the work of Italian cosmetologist and chemists, and by doing so we pay tribute to our territory and its excellencies.

rituale di detersione

The cleansing ritual

Here at Lace Beauty you’ll only find products that are gentle, mindful of the skin’s individual needs and its microbiota , and that will help you cleanse it without being invasive nor need to rub, in order to transform the time you dedicate to it morning and night into a delightful experience.

The daily cleanse is a beautiful ritual that helps wash away bad dreams, stress and worries. With a simple gesture you can get rid of any burden and glow as if you’re lit from within.

Begin your skincare routine with a lovely gesture, so that your skin will be able to benefit from the following treatments and all the love you’ll dedicate to it.

Feel your skin, take care of it!

The key ingredient: LIFE ESSENCE VITIS

Discover our key ingredient, result of the work of an esteemed Italian chemist. The vine sap extracted from the vineyards near Modena contains a precious mix of nutrients that nourish our cells and the skin microbiota.

Ingredienti naturali detergente viso


Named after the well-known heroine of Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Lace Beauty’s debut release is a facial cleansing treatment also inspired by her quirks  and distinctive traits.

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