Lizzie wraps herself in silk: here comes Emily!

Categorization: 90×90 cm fine Italian silk scarf.

Source: 100% Made in Italy.

Directions: suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive, for oncological and dermatology patients.

Colour: patterned or solid colour. Limited edition.

Intended use: to be used as adornment or as head scarf.


Following the sophisticated Japanese ritual of wrapping gifts with Furoshiki, the square of fabric used in Japan to wrap objects to be transported and gifted, as of today our Lizzie is on sale in a special version.  She dresses up in a beautiful Italian silk scarf, according to the Maki Tsutsumi technique, specific for cylindrical objects.

Lace Beauty is no stranger to influences coming from the Land of the Rising Sun: the same ritual of cleansing is inspired by that of tea and Asian skin care, without forgetting the many ingredients of Japanese origin that are featured in Lizzie’s formula.

For this reason we felt it was the perfect combination to continue to tell our story about cleansing, which is the core of the brand, while maintaining a strong connection with the theme of oncology and environmental sustainability, and supporting women at the same time, with a wink as always at those sumptuous rituals in which we have identified the very essence of our mission: teaching women how to take care of their skin.

Thus Emily was born, a gorgeous scarf 90×90 cm size made of 100% Italian pure silk selected by the most important historical weaving mills of the textile district of Como. 

We chose the most suitable and elegant fabrics without losing sight of the latest inspirations and trends.

The name Emily was inspired by the poetess Emily Dickinson and the collection of poems ‘Silk Syllables’, from which, as for every Lace Beauty product, we have drawn a few lines evocative of the concept of weaving and delicacy that accompany the product.

Supporting women in need

The silk is then handled with love and passion in one of the workshops of the Cooperative Alice, a  non-profit cooperative seeking to build an inclusive society that empowers individuals and supports sustainable development through craftsmanship and ethics.

The Cooperative is active in the detention facilities of San Vittore, Bollate, Monza, in which oversees the labour re-integration of female inmates through the external laboratory Sartoria San Vittore, which also welcomes those who emerge from situations of violence and difficulty.

prodotti per chemioterapici

In partnership with the association FraParentesi

The project carried out for Breast Cancer Awareness  Month goes hand in hand with the collaboration between Laura Portomeo, founder of the brand, and the Association FraParentesi, which for years has been supporting oncological patients sharing a new way to see life after the diagnosis, as a parenthesis and not as the main aspect of it, giving hope to those starting the journey and those already walking the path. Through the website and an ever-expanding network of professionals, the Association offers answers, in-depth analysis, ideas and services to support people facing the diagnosis and their families.

Laura Portomeo  becomes now part of this beautiful support network, providing her expertise in the field of Make Up and Skincare with articles, videos and lessons, in order to bring help and comfort to women who live with this condition.


And to them Lace Beauty dedicated its first product: Lizzie  – Creamy Cleansing Balm was formulated to be suitable for the sensitive skin of oncological patients, which on this occasion will enjoy not only our gentle cleanser but also the soft touch of these silk scarves, to be used as an adornment or as turban.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month Lizzie will therefore be available in a special version: wrapped in a Furoshiki made of 100% Italian fine silk.

Since the prints are produced in limited quantities, purchase will only be available via the official website beginning on September 30th while stocks lasts.