This Christmas Lace Beauty has once again come up with a special initiative to support an association.

Agan Aps, acronym for Associazione Genitori Autistici Napoli (Autistic Parents Association Naples), is the promoter of the ‘Una cascina per la vita‘ (A farmstead for life) project, which aims to create a structure to support those affected by autism and their families.

It is a Neapolitan association created by parents with adult autistic children who want to address the issue of “DOPO DI NOI” in the context of autistic disability.

hanks to the support of the “Giovanni Campaniello” Foundation and to the contributions received in recent years, a residential structure with an agricultural connotation is being built, a “farmstead for life” that can accommodate autistic children and enhance the characteristics of each one thanks to a series of targeted activities that make them actors in their own lives.

Agan Aps
palline agan

Laura Portomeo, founder of Lace Beauty, is very passionate about this project, which she has already supported privately over the years.

That’s why she decided to tie it in with Lace Beauty, with an initiative to raise awareness and funds for the Agan Association.

Lace Beauty gives you a gift from the heart and
YOU can give it to Agan Aps and your loved ones!

Throughout the month of December, with every order of at least 70 Euros made on the website, the user will receive a Christmas ball as a gift, made of ceramic and hand-painted, as a symbol of Lace Beauty’s commitment to Agan Aps.

Before concluding the purchase, the user will be able to decide autonomously whether to make a donation to Agan Aps by requesting another Christmas ball or more, to support the Association.

agan palline di natale